Resource & Education Services

UMC New Orleans is proud to offer Resource & Education Services which include self-management patient education, coaching and care management for:


Diabetes Self-Management is an ADA Certified Program which consists of a 3 Part Series Patient Education Program 10hrs and annual follow-up 2hrs. The topics include Diabetes Basics, Diabetes Concept, and Diabetes Life. A graduation ceremony is held after completion of the 3 Part Series. The annual follow-up includes a Diabetes Support Group and Care Management. Diabetic patients may attend this self-management group education series by primary care provider referral.  

Diabetes Target/Insulin Adjustment Clinic and Education session targets moderate to high risk Diabetic patients who are uncontrolled and with HgbA1C greater than 9 referred by primary care provider, Emergency Department and or Inpatient Department. This is an Endocrinologist Provider visit and Education session which includes: Health Assessment, Report Card-Action Plan, Disease Management, Medication Regimen and Administration, Self-Glucose Monitoring, and Hypo/Hyperglycemia Management.
Retinal Eye Screening- (2) Images: Macular and Optic Disc Views are taken as part of the annual eye screening for Diabetic patients.  An Ophthalmologist Referral is ordered for positive screens.


Asthma Self-Management Patient Education Program topics include Asthma Disease Process, Medication Administration with Inhaler and or Spacer, Peak Flow Demonstration and Use, Asthma Diary, Triggers, Exercise Induced Asthma, Review Written Asthma Action Plan and Asthma Control Test.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

CKD Self-Management Patient Education Program topics include Overview of CKD, Cardiovascular Risk, CKD Treatment, Heart Healthy Diet, Renal Replacement Options, and Importance of Compliance with Medications, Diet and Provider Visit.

Life Style Balance/Nutrition

Life Style Balance Self-Management Patient Education consists of a 13 week intense program. The topics include Weight Loss, Increase in Physical Activity, Healthy Life Style Behaviors, Obesity and Complications. 

Tobacco Cessation

The Tobacco Control Initiative (TCI) is a multi-disciplinary program designed to help tobacco users quit. TCI offers free or low-cost, evidenced-based tobacco treatment services to all UMC New Orleans patients, employees, and the communities they serve.

Services offered to tobacco users include cessation medication, group behavioral counseling, and Quit Line telephone counseling.

Click here for more information on our free tobacco cessation program.

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