Josh's Promise: Salt & Light

The Joshua Solomon Charitable Fund

The Spirit of Charity Foundation has traditionally supported the medical needs of our most vulnerable populations in our region. The Foundation continues to promote what Charity Hospital has stood for; the ideals of humanism and caring for the most vulnerable in our society.

Within continuing that mission, Karen and Glenn Solomon have established Josh’s Promise: Salt and Light, The Joshua Solomon Charitable Fund honoring their son’s legacy. The fund aids in the development and enrichment of care provided for indigent or underinsured patients suffering from addiction and substance misuse.

"The fund speaks with actions louder than words: in this place, we meet you where you are, and stand with you in your need. We will not allow your current situation to stand between you and your brave choice to ask for help. Please help us give voice to hope, you are not alone." -The Solomon Family

This task is a considerable challenge that includes providing comprehensive, integrated medical, laboratory, and support services to ensure University Medical Center's patients are engaged and retained in care.

The fund supports inpatient and outpatient care needs that are deemed essential to patient care, to patient engagement, or patient retention in care as determined by the University Medical Center care team and Foundation Director.

Specifically, the funds can be used for, but are not limited to, the following patient services:

  • Medications at discharge to include opiate reversal medications for those suffering with opiate addiction and deemed necessary by providers
  • Durable medical equipment that is required for a safe discharge
  • Transportation vouchers to outpatient clinics

If ample funding is available, NARCAN kits will be a deliverable on necessary locations throughout the hospital for continued patient use. These kits are designed to reverse acute opiate overdose for lifesaving intervention and are part of routine discharges.

Josh’s memory and the Solomon family continue our nearly 300-year legacy of promoting health and wellness, caring for those marginalized by societal inequities... and standing tall during adversity.

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