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At University Medical Center New Orleans, we are continually pushing the boundaries of medical practice to give both our patients and our students access to the most advanced care available. Our scientific community actively collaborates with non-profit research organizations and National Institute of Health programs to continue improving. We conduct our clinical research with our affiliate academic institutions.

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We support research across the biomedical spectrum, from lab-based science and translational research to clinical trials in all major disease areas. Our staff and trainees help us to develop Quality and Performance Improvement initiatives to provide a link between desired outcomes and real improvements. University Medical Center’s Department of Clinical research provides resources, credentialing and oversight to affiliated educational institutions wishing to conduct research at University Medical Center New Orleans.

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UMCNO-WJMC Research Review Process
UMCNO-WJMC Research Credentialing Application
UMCNO-WJMC Research Review Application
UMCNO-WJMC Research Amendment Application
UMCNO-WJMC Data Use Form
UMCNO-WJMC Medicare Coverage Analysis Template

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