Dignicap® Scalp Cooling

Protect your hair during chemotherapy

One sign commonly associated with chemotherapy is hair loss. This happens as chemotherapy treatment drugs circulate throughout the body and into the scalp where they cause cell damage that results in hair loss. Thanks to Dignicap® Scalp Cooling, cancer patients can increase their chances at keeping their hair throughout treatment.

How Dignicap® works

By reducing the temperature at the scalp, Dignicap® is able to slow circulation and prevent the chemotherapy drugs from having as strong of an effect at that location. Patients wear a silicone cap on their scalp that circulates a coolant throughout the chemotherapy procedure. This coolant carries heat away from the scalp to reduce its temperature, thereby slowing circulation at that site.

Who is eligible for Dignicap®?

In pivotal trials, Dignicap® was able to prevent hair loss in 66.3% of breast cancer patients. It was approved by the FDA in December 2015 as an effective way to reduce hair loss in women with breast cancer. While the system may work with other cancer types, it will not work with all. For this reason, we advise all patients to consult with their oncologist about whether or not Dignicap® would be a worthwhile addition to their treatment.

Learn ,ore

Those interested in learning more about Dignicap® Scalp Cooling can call the Cancer Center at 504.702.3311 for more information. They can also download this Dignicap® booklet.

Donating to help others get Dignicap®

If you have an interest in helping UMC patients obtain Dignicap® for their cancer treatments, you can contact our Spirit of Charity Foundation by dialing 504.702.3113 to let them know your interest in making a donation to our fund.