Comprehensive Breast Health Program

Hidden Scar™ Surgery Offered at University Medical Center

Care solutions without noticeable changes in appearance

While a mastectomy may be unavoidable, unsightly scars and blemishes don’t have to be. At University Medical Center, we provide our patients with advanced surgical procedures to help them receive the best treatment with the lowest amount of residual scarring.

According to, 87% of women felt self-conscious about their surgery scars. While mastectomy procedures of the past left many women wearing these healed wounds, modern techniques can allow surgeons to make incisions in locations that are more difficult to see, allowing women to continue on with their lives without a constant reminder of the surgery.

How this approach works

Older mastectomy and lumpectomy procedures required that a surgeon would remove all or some of the patient’s breast tissue. However, with the Hidden Scar™ technique, patients whose tumors fall within a specific size or region of the breast can now have incisions made in less conspicuous, noticeable areas of the breast.

Who qualifies?

Candidates for Hidden Scar™ surgery would be those whose tumors are not located on the nipple and have not spread throughout other areas of the breast. In these cases, incisions can be made at the natural crease under the breast, in the armpit, or along the areole border. Ask us if you are a candidate for a Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery by calling the Cancer Center at 504.702.3311 to schedule a consultation.

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