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HIV Resources

Treating & caring for infectious diseases in New Orleans

While there have been great strides in the prevention of HIV transmission and the care of HIV and AIDS since 1981, many people still have questions about these infections. The updated information on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's basic information page is designed to answer some of these questions based on the best available science.

Visit the AIDSinfo website for fact sheets on topics such as:

  • Information about HIV transmission and ways to prevent it
  • HIV transmission and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention for persons infected with HIV
  • General HIV treatment information including combining drugs
  • Interpretation of blood and lab tests
  • Managing symptoms and side effects

Other great on-line resources about HIV & AIDS

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to learn about prevention, co-morbidities, treatment. H1N1 flu and more.

Access other recommended websites such as: